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Today the POO CREW was discovered 🙂 Check em out Advertisements

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  “the 1 incident I have no proof on is my 1 tenant thinks your tenant pooped on her balcony.” That was an actual email from one of my owners that has a 4 plex, and the owner of the … Continue reading

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bomb squad

The bomb squad is using one of our vacant houses today to detonate a bomb using a water cannon – neat!

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squirrel in the walls

  this is a squirrel trap! one tenant had one in his walls.. we thought he was just trippin cuz we inspected the house twice and just smelled lots of pot n no squirrly pants… but sure enough we caught … Continue reading

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dinner with the police

The RCMP is taking our entire staff out for dinner at the Keg in appreciation of allowing over 28 recruit  classes to use our homes for swat training in the last year

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