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there really are stupid questions

Tenant calls in and says “there’s water spraying out of my shower”   Advertisements

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did the Sheriff just say that?

We meet the Sheriff at a house to have the tenants removed for non-payment of rent. This tenant happens to have the last name Standingready.. The Sheriff when walking to the door says “Well we’ll see if he’s standing ready” … Continue reading

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Sewer bill chargeback

This is a tenant repair file, every call is logged, dispatched and recorded in an excel file. In this case a sewer guy was sent out for a plugged toilet. The bills are only charged back to the tenant when … Continue reading

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stolen tv

Tenants are stupid. This one guy just stole a TV from a furnished suite and he’s obviously too dumb to realize that we rent a house to his girlfriend too – which he happens to be staying at!

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calling an owner with bad news about his property..

Hi Trevor, I don’t know how to say this but the tenant skipped out and all the windows were smashed out…. Have a nice day

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20 cats

Animal Control just called to see if we have an address that they got reports of 20+ cats – phew! thankfully not ours

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