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Too much info


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Hmm something doesn’t look right with this picture

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Im not the police..

People always seem to call their landlord before the police… I don’t know why. But just got a call from a lady in an apartment building who believes her baby is getting high due to the marijuana fumes coming from … Continue reading

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Dirt bags come in all colors. Fact.

Ok so first of all.. who fucking mentions their race in any situation really and secondly.. listing that you are white is not going to make me call you back any faster. I was really blown away by this Fuck … Continue reading

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the calls that make you say OMG

I literally just got this voicemail… “Umm my roof just caved in… can somebody please call me right away” I’m sending my boss there right now to find out what we’re getting into. I can hear a crying baby

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Can’t afford rent but can afford a hooker

Ok so she definitely wasn’t a hooker. She was far too classy. I’m on my way in to work this morning and happen to be stopped at a red light in front of this 8 suite all male rooming house … Continue reading

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