In a night gown holding a meat cleaver

I am fucking shocked. While paying rent today a newer tenant who moved in a month ago mentions this:

police showed up at her house the other night and did not annouce that they were police, in fact they banged on the door and said “WERE LOOKING FOR MARK THE PIMP”

This is a very good tenant that has a young child in the home and a baby on the way. No one and I mean no one in this neighborhood answers the door this late especially when the people knocking at the door are looking for a pimp.

So the police take out the door, and there’s my tenant standing there in a night gown holding a meat clever. The police ask her name, make her show her ID and even had to show a receipt showing she just moved in.

Something seems really fishy about this cuz the police usually announce themselves as police when theyre about to knock a door down. And usually the police give us a heads up if there’s going to be a raid at one of our houses. And when they’re undercover they aren’t in uniform at all.

I do however believe they were police as there were a total of 6 squad cars and the officers did provide ID once they were inside. But how do they not stay on top of who their raiding. This obviously had something to do with the former tenant who wasn’t even named Mark but likely he stayed there or was affiliated with our former tenant.

Something really crazy must have happened during that tenancy. This is what else came up in this rent transaction

– 26 used gun shells found in backyard, 12 used needles, axe marks on front door, neighbors are abusing a dog and a woman was beaten by a man on the lawn. Latch locks on the doors so whoever was living there previously was able to lock someone in the room from the outside in. House next door when googled had a total of 6 murders

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