“murder house”

When I refer to the “murder house” I may be referring to one of 2 houses. Granted there are a few other houses that murders may have certainly taken place but I have no proof and I like facts.

One was actually a double murder suicide which happened a few years ago and this is the house we recently inherited (and yes I have new tenants living there and they are aware of whats happened there in the past and theyre fine with it).

The other was a man shot thru his window of his kitchen several times. We started managing this property the day after the body was removed. I personally believe this was a payback crime. When I went to the house I found documents that this man had raped and assaulted 2 young women and I thought to myself if someone did that to my sister or someone I love, I would consider killing them too. I had never been in a murder house until this point or smelled that smell of death but it is true that you’ll never forget it. And a sight you’ll never forget.

But unfortunately there will be more blood in this business.

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