Permission to enter

When a repair is called in its given to a contractor who then calls the tenant to set up an appointment for the work to be done OR in some cases the tenant will give the contractor permission to enter if they won’t be home.

My contractor called me from outside of a tenants apartment as a lady gave him permission to enter to fix her sink. He still knocks when he gets there and as there is no answer and he had permission.. he enters. He starts working on the sink and a couple minutes later the tenant came out of her bedroom wearing only underwear! No shirt, no pants – a completely topless, aged native lady. The contractor thought he may have surprised her and as he motioned her to cover up she said “it’s ok I don’t mind”

So my guy is shocked and he can fix the sink but he doesn’t wanna go back in there because he thinks this lady might maul him. So now I actually have to call this lady and tell her that she has to put clothes on and I cant even believe I have to do this…

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