Sans Russia

A Russian is going to kill me I just know it. This tenant moved in 5 days ago and he comes to the office with a lawyer who I assume is also Russian or perhaps not a lawyer at all.
Anyways.. The Russian does not speak very good English so he types into a translator in his phone and shows me his phone.. It says “sewer”.. And then he begins tapping his never-been-trimmed pointer finger on my counter saying “this house unliveable”!!
Now having said very little I knew he meant he was having a sewer back up. I try to explain to him that I’ll send a sewer guy immediately. No need to bring your lawyer into this who isn’t even saying anything.
But the Russian is not happy he wants his money back. I tell the Russian that’s not possible. He begged for the house then 5 days later wants his money back over a sewer back up that will be resolved when my guy gets there. Sorry guy.

This actually happened yesterday and I just got a call from the sewer guy that went out and ze Russians were flushing baby wipes which caused ze sewer to back up and now I be sending ze Russian a bill..

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