This guy is a riot. He’s gotta be in his late 60’s or early 70’s, beard, long hair, definitely a long time alcoholic and he lives in a bachelor suite that rents for $450.

I only see him once a month when he comes in to pay rent because its about a 40 minute walk from where he lives and he’s a walker, winter or not. But I seriously seriously look forward to when he comes in because this guy clearly did A LOT of drugs in the 60’s and he usually has something pretty neat to say if you catch him half sober.

There was one month we didn’t see Gary at all and since he didn’t have a phone we had to send a letter saying we have no choice but to file for eviction if he doesn’t let us know what’s going on. Gary came in to the office and is completely honest and says he spent his rent money on alcohol and went on a bender for awhile.

It was a flat out honest excuse and there was no doubt he was telling the truth and also felt bad. He promised to pay an extra $100 a month to catch up and he did. This month he was all caught up and when leaving the office before closing the door on his way out said..

“You know in the 60’s we didn’t think we’d make it to the year 2000”

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