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If I had a penny…

If I had even a penny for each time a 2 person lease agreement went sour, I’d be rich! People go in on a house together all the time. Then life happens. Then one person wants the other one out. … Continue reading

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swat night squad

The swat team is going to be using our houses for raid training overnights now (rather than during the day). I think it’s great cuz the neighborhood is notorious for break ins and other crimey crimes

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88 years old and nothing better to do

She was a mean old lady, not even one of my tenants but the neighbor to one of my tenants. She calls and right off the bat “I wanna know when the fence is being built in between our properties … Continue reading

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Ya.. That’s a German

Cockroach that is!

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Can you spot north central?

The last time this board was updated was in 2010 so there are close to 200 pins that need to be added on here but who has the time for that!

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This is what $4700 in cash looks like. If rent had been paid on time it wouldn’t have had to come to this to stop the sheriff from doing a final eviction

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Hmm wonder if this job is legit

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