Bruce is one of my special tenants. He is also one of my favorites and not necessarily because the kind of man he is but because of the history between us.

Because of business I had no choice one month to send out an eviction notice which led to this tenant barricading himself in his home.. Threatening suicide and telling the Cops they’ll have to take him in a body bag if they wanna get him out.

The police ended up calling us out and we told the tenant he wasn’t going to lose his home. It was a pretty rank situation and this man who is already dealing with some serious mental health issues kind of went off the top when his home was threatened.

This was 2 years ago and since then he had cleared his debt and is still with us. I enjoy having conversation with him and occasionally drop off a bag of dog food to make sure his dogs get some real food in. He loves his dogs which were all rescued off the street and it’s sad that he has to garbage pick to feed them but these dogs are actually really happy with him.

The loyalty in animals is pretty amazing

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