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I’m in big trouble.. I transferred a lady to another house without my bosses approval and it turns out she burned down the garage at her last house intentionally because her daughter died in there.. Oopsie Advertisements

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Perfectly good mattress right?

$1800 bed bug infestation later

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Complaint of the day

“the neighbors bed is too squeaky and they have a lot of sex”

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You have no idea how often were in court over evictions, damage deposit disputes etc. Even on a bad month we have 80 evictions which is only 10% of houses we manage. Over half of these will pay what they … Continue reading

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Attitude cost him his house

I will not put up with attitude especially when you haven’t even moved in. Today I’m giving a man back his $240 deposit he put down to hold a house cuz he seems to think he runs the show. Turns … Continue reading

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DTD definition

DTD = dirty tenant disease Anyone can catch it.. Wash your hands! It’s not even 8pm and I’m heading to bed. Why? DTD that’s why

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Filing strike continues

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