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Today’s chat with my favorite shut in

“You can’t trust him, he drives a cow” Advertisements

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2 tenants came in who I know to be boyfriend & girlfriend, both split rent in half and live in a crack house. (Drug addicts need homes too people) Today they both come in and he says “shes going to … Continue reading

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owners need to be more clear

Request: “I want the tree on east side the small green one infront of the deck ..see attached picture .. To be cut down   And hauled away.” I have no idea which tree they are talking about so we respond … Continue reading

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I call her Princess

Really this tenant just lives on Princess but she is notorious for either coming in sober or cracked right the fuck out. Today I got her cracked out… and she called me ‘sis’ twice… complaining that her social worker is … Continue reading

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Hoarding is actually illegal as it is a fire hazard. We just got a call from the water heater rental company who said they would have to literally cut thru the tenants belongings with a chainsaw in order to clear … Continue reading

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creepy burnt Barbie

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tenant complaint about a suite upstairs…

“I know for sure the bed upstairs squeaks a whole lot lately since the new tenants moved in. No joke. Maybe you could drop off some oil for it or something. Two days ago it squeaked two times for about … Continue reading

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