The sketchiest morning I’ve ever had

Today is “Grafitti Day” … The city bylaw officers have gone crazy out there  – handing out graffiti removal orders like they’re going out of style (and they kind of are because once Winter is here there are no more orders until Spring 2013. Sad for me because I make really good money off this.  

 Naturally they are all in North Central so I planned to start early. I get a coffee and I’m at the first job just after 9am. It’s quiet, there’s no one awake. The graffiti is all on the garage at the back so I get my paint out, do a walk around the garage and notice that the house that the garage belongs to was recently on fire.  I then wonder if the owner even knows that his house was on fire and is definitely abandoned.  Probably not because he sent me to remove graffiti and he has far bigger problems. Nonetheless I remove the graffiti on the non burnt property – charging $65

10am – At the 2nd house on the list now. This back alley is sketchy as fuck but I’m thinking “good thing its still early”. The graffiti here is on the shed in the back yard.  At this place I have to be careful im not stepping on any used needles. The city has recently removed the large garbage bins with individual ones and there is trash everywhere. Even a random toilet back here and wet moldy carpet that I swear is steaming. I start painting and all of a sudden I hear a dog fight next door. As soon as the neighbor lets his 2 dogs out. The neighbor starts yelling at the dogs to the point that I duck and pretend I’m not next door because I am legitimately scared and disturbed at how angry this guy is at his dogs. I hear the guy pull his dogs back into the house and I’m hearing what I think is this guy beating the shit out of the dogs. I’m on the verge of a panic attack and I freeze up completely – wtf did I just witness. I don’t get up until its silent again, then I finish painting while being as silent as a ninja. Charging $50 for this job

10:45am – next house. I feel a little relived, it’s a small job but will take some time to cover the dark black graffiti. And this street actually looks like a lot of good people live on it. The yards are all up kept and the alley here is incredibly clean compared to the last one. Charging $30 for this  

  11:30am – I park on a side street as I’m doing removal on a corner yard (fence & garage) and also doing removal on a house across the street. When I pull up a guy is standing at the garage and he’s like “you seen the guy that lives here – he owes me $1800 dollars” … I play dumb and just tell the guy “I just do graffiti removal I don’t know anything” Then within 2 minutes another guy shows up who also got ripped off by this guy, so now there’s 2 pissed off guys looking for the guy that lives there. I decide to go and do the one across the street first. I do one coat of paint and have to put my stuff down as I think I hear someone over by my car so I go to check it out cuz I’m slightly out of view. I go back to the car and make sure its locked. I head back across the street and all my paint shit is gone. 1 ½ cans of paint, a paint tray and roller. Literally walked away for less than a minute.

I really don’t think I should be out here today.

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  1. anna says:

    Omg fea!!

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