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poor mother…

The mother of a 33 yr old man came in to tell us that her son is in jail and will not be back and that we can keep his furniture and his damage deposit. Naturally I google his name … Continue reading

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tis the season..

where literally 25% of my job becomes work created due to cold weather. I remember last year I got a call in January from a tenant who left town for a week and turned her furnace off to “save money”. … Continue reading

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You would be surprised at how many people book appointments to view houses and then just dont show up! We dont even book the appointment without asking if they have driven by. Its a huge waste of our time and … Continue reading

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You should probably just move

“My roomate keeps threatning to punch me can you tell him to stop”

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I’m a little surprised.. normally they just skip

“I dont feel like paying rent for November so I’m just going to move out ok”

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So I ask my boss this morning why he didn’t bring the dog in.. He says “I thought she could use the day off so I put her blanket on the couch so she could watch out the window” How … Continue reading

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Made me grouchy

Got in a tiffy with an owner right before lunch who thinks we should include notes on his invoices to tell him what stuff means. I tell him were not going to do that and can just answer any questions … Continue reading

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