tis the season..

where literally 25% of my job becomes work created due to cold weather. I remember last year I got a call in January from a tenant who left town for a week and turned her furnace off to “save money”. She had no water because everything froze up, costing her close to $500 in repairs due to all the frozen lines. Way to save that money!

Aside from that, I deal with a wrath of no heat calls, jump thru every kind of hoop with the utility companies trying to get shit dealt with, only to determine in the end that it’s usually the tenants mistake, like their child turning off the furnace switch or having your power cut off for non payment cuz YES that too will make you have no heat. YES I know heat is gas but you’re not getting the point! You need to pay your bills!

Nonetheless I send a plumber out.

“But isn’t a plumber for toilets”

It never ends.

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