Battered Women Diaries

I keep a personal record of tenants I know have been abused because I want to be be to help should something happen.

For example.. This one tenant I really like and have always had pleasant interactions with got an eviction for being seriously late on rent. Her boyfriend whom I’ve never spoke with calls the office and is freaking out. He’s swearing about the eviction. I simply tell him that I don’t even know who he is and if he wants to avoid eviction he better settle the fuck down (I used a better choice of words of course) and have his girlfriend call in to talk to me. He then threatens me and I end up hanging up on him.

She calls in a few minutes later and I said “I like you, you’re a good girl but you had better talk to your boyfriend about how he’s talking to us or you’re going to lose your house over this”

Not only could I evict off rent arrears but I can easily evict off of his phone call alone. I told her I was willing to make her a deal on rent but in return I expect her to talk to this guy and make sure this doesn’t happen again. She was very thankful and apologetic and pleasant as usual.

She came in the next day to make a partial payment and she was black and blue. I asked if she was ok and she said “can we please speed this up”

I felt horrible. I felt like I had caused it.

And that’s just one example. One tenant.

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