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It’s good to laugh

I approved a very nice native man in his 50s for a home in the city here and he was so grateful. He goes on to say to me “I love you” I respond: “I love you too. But I … Continue reading

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Free ride

One our tenants, or company of one of our tenants, held a cab driver at gun point this morning, then robbed him and stole his cab. Poor cabby

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Thanks for reading!

1000 views today in less than 10 hours! Thank you!

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Bullet proof vest?

Yesterday was the first day in my career that my safety felt threatened and put an exclamation point on the risks involved in this business. I couldn’t dial 911 fast enough and in a panic I forgot we had an … Continue reading

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Just had a tenant nearly beat the shit out of one of my staff for simply knocking on the door to check the smoke detector… A simple “today’s not a good day” would have done

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Special investigation

Today the police are using one of our houses to bust a man involved in child sex slavery

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So much for Good Samaritan

The guy I helped move in slept in the house 1 night and was bitten by bed bugs. While this house was vacant the bugs would have travelled into the walls making these little fuckers undetectable to cleaners and even … Continue reading

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