Waiting until the sheriff locks you out..

To try and buy yourself more time = not a good idea.

Tenants were locked out this morning for failure to pay rent and arrears. They didn’t even go to their own hearing so literally did nothing to try and save themselves before today. All of their proposed payment arrangements in the past have never been followed thru with. Sometimes enough is enough.

We show up with the sheriff and the tenant says he works for the owner and the owner is paying him today and he can put $1000 down

(These tenants are in arrears over $2000 so the only way the sheriff would have been stopped is if the arrears were paid in full prior to the sheriff doing the lock out)

That’s a lie though.. he does not work for the owner.. in fact.. he worked for one of our contractors and was fired! The owner also asked us to evict them.

The sheriff tells them they have 5 minutes to leave the house.

The tenants call the office.. This time they say they talked to someone on Monday and “that girl” told us the sheriff would be cancelled .

The girl they described was me. And I didn’t even work Monday. Lol!

They called several times throughout the day to try to beg for permission to stay (even without full payment) and although we are letting them get their belongings out we are not renting to them ever again

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