“when are you going to pay the rest of the rent”

“I will pay the by Oct 13I
Have to200saved up now and mid month I get1.hundred and50 and Jeff will pay for150 dollars more the rest will just come at the end of the month I only get1hundred and 60 bucks end of the month that’s all I get.and Nov 13is my pay day and end of the month why didn’t u tell us from the start if u didn’t want me at the Ottawa street then why amhere cause it was emergency move I moved from retallack street due to the flood I don’t know why u hate me so much I don’t know u at all I’m being nice to u did nothing wrong to u did I no ever u hurt my come talk to me in person I’m always home plz I’ll be waiting for him I know u all hate me I can sense that but u don’t even know who I am I’m good person”

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