We have to buy it by the case – for the foyer. Really.

Your personal hygiene is none of my business, however I still have to deal with it if you bring it into my business making it affect me directly. Yesterday a kid shit himself while his mom was filling out an application and the smell of shit wofted through the office. Even if you febreeze the hell out of it, its still going to smell like flowers and shit or B.O and baby powder

Maybe we need a neuron cleaner when tenants walk in to the office..

All that aside, I love when someone comes in smelling GOOD! Thanks for showering!

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2 Responses to febreeze

  1. Rachelle says:

    Maybe you should turn the foyer into a shower area 🙂

  2. Naiomi says:

    Bahahaha! Reminds me of the time i went to the liquor store on Dewdney & Lewvan. The guy behind the counter told me i smell really good, and I must have looked super creeped out (because I kind of was), so he continued by saying “No, seriously, you have NO IDEA how nice it is when someone comes in here and actually smells good.”

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