I had no idea..

Until the conversation between our male contractors and our male staff that women out there, whether they’re high, drunk or just crazy.. are actually throwing themselves at these men who are just trying to do a job

It didn’t even occur to me that this one tenant was continuously calling in repairs just to flaunt herself at the contractors. My crew said to me that everytime they go out she answers the door in a towel and is always “just getting out of the shower”.. And this is no looker, she was foaming at the mouth and I’m serious.

As these guys are exchanging stories I am amazed.

-A lady told our butler in detail what she wanted to do to him as she’s exposing her breasts and the poor guy is just there trying to test a smoke detector.

-A different woman came out of her room knowing contractors were working in the house, with just a hoody, no pants, no underwear…

-Women are asking if they can perform sexual favors for a rent reduction, or just nothing at all.

What the fuck

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2 Responses to I had no idea..

  1. mason says:

    Dear Penthouse…

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