from the sewer guys


We just unplugged the main here (1453) about 4 weeks ago. It was plugged with baby wipes. We told the tenants to flush toilet paper only.

When Dylan arrived on Thursday night, the first thing he checked after unplugging the sewer was the bathroom. There was no toilet paper, and he visually confirmed that the tenants were flushing paper down the toilet. As in loose leaf to wipe themselves.(see picture of 1453 bathroom)

I thought I should let you know about this sooner rather than later in case you want to send a warning letter to the tenants.

They denied flushing the paper. But they also denied flushing wipes last time.

Dylan also pulled condoms out of the sewer as well. Condoms should go in the garbage, not the toilet.

The bill came to $195 since it was an overtime call.

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